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[icon] More on the theory of balance - I fucked the four horsemen and made them my bitches
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Subject:More on the theory of balance
Time:01:10 am
Current Mood:stressedhgjahkjle
HA! You guys thought that was cool, check this out... ok, so, the balance theory that I

stumbled upon earlier in the day has expanded to encompass a more elaborate and diverse

theory. It is compiled as such,

Imagine if you will, three, interconnected, spherical and three dimensional objects. All of

them rotating on their axis and in constant motion. Three rings connected to create the

sphere connecting at six points. I choose six in order to also add another dimension within

the sphere. Creating another dimensional aspect,a coned effect inside the spheres expanding

not only in the positive but also in the negative, thus creating an invisible fourth

dimension I like to think of as the "Quantum Foam" of my theory. I have yet to discover a

way to define this added dimension but this is still a theory in progress. Regardless, this

theory which I am sure makes little to no sense written out in just words can be summarized

in a written schematic that I am still working through. That being said I am going to need a

lot of help and information in order to elaborate and perfect my discovery of a

revolutionary way to balance the most creative and destructive force on the planet; people.

From the dawn of time (debated and debatable to different groups, religions, and

ethnicities) we all have one thing in common. We are all imperfect true? We all make

mistakes?Well this imperfection is created by the imbalance caused by the rigors and trials

of the uncertainty of the world around us. The reason I believe that this balancing process

is necessary has already been explained in my previous post. And there is a point in which

we are all comfortable as far as the combining extremes of the positive and negative (think

again of temperature) Although it is slightly different for all of us it is still attainable

for everyone. Imagine temperature on a three dimensional scale rather than two, now break

down the human psychological makeup and there you have it,
MIND (sphere #1)
BODY (sphere #2)
SPIRIT (sphere #3)

Now there are certain things in life that I can use as examples that everyone can understand. Example one, alcohol, not entirely destructive in nature, the abuse or imbalance of this substance can cause a great shift in our spheres. Take for example the physical aspect, loss of motor skills, very basic, hence the staggering and slurring of speech. The emotional aspect, instability, erratic change due to little or no outside stimulation, and general loss of control. Then the mental aspect comes into play, impaired judgment, lack of order, or the complete loss of memory all together. See what I mean? All are connected yet separate at the same time. Another major cause of imbalance is stress. Hence post traumatic stress disorder. Immersed in such a stressful environment as war, problematic and violent childhood, sexual assault, or any combination of stressors that may cause a violent shift in your own personal balance. Therefore what I am looking for is a way to return the order from the chaos, a way to control all the aspects of the human psyche.

There are still holes that I have to fill and variables that have to be considered yet this

is the basic concept. If anyone has any ideas let me know. Thanks for taking the time to

read this.
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[icon] More on the theory of balance - I fucked the four horsemen and made them my bitches
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